New Eurojazz Discos: 

EJD-224: Morten Gunnar Larsen

EJD-227: Frans Sjöström

EJD-230: Danish Trad. Bands Vol.4

EJD-231: Dim Kesber 1959-2011


The discography of the Savannah Jazz Band has been removed from
EJD-79 British Traditional Jazz Bands Vol.3.

The band's discography is now available in a single booklet:

EJD-226: Savannah Jazz Band.


New Swingin' Americans discographies:

SA-44: Leon Oakley

SA-45: Big Bill Bissonnette

SA-46: Charlie Bornemann


Recently updated:

EJD-087: Jack Fallon

EJD-163: Alan Barnes

EJD-191: Jan Lundgren


In France some interesting discographies of French musicians are now available:

1. Les Haricots Rouges (2015)

2. Orphéon Célesta + complement (2017)

3. Michel "Boss"Quéraud (2017)

4. Gilbert Leroux (2018)

5. Dumoustiers Stompers (2019)

6. François Rilhac (2019)

All compiled and published by Francis Lalubin.